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Denison Scenes by Kim Guthrie
Green / Brinker
What began as a casual visit to Barnes and Noble resulted in the remarkable, and perhaps unlikely, merging of two distinctly different talents. Jerry Green and Hanna Brinker returned home to spend a quiet evening in front of the fireplace exchanging comfortable conversation about the books they purchased. Then the idea struck -- what if they combined mosaics (Hanna's book) with wood designs (Jerry's book) to create artistic pieces outside the traditional field of carvings and furniture or even inlays and turnings? The work evolved from life experience, a passion for creativity and much trial-and-error. ''My growing up years had never looked like other peoples','' said Hanna. ''The mosaics were chopped up - like my life once was. I was captivated by the process of taking those bits and pieces and making them whole and beautiful.'' ''Our art wouldn't have happened without all the struggles in our past.'' said Jerry. ''It took everything we went through in our childhood and early adult lives to bring us to the point of committing ourselves to our artwork.'' What resulted was a collection of stunning mosaic wood sculptures and vessels, each composed, like a symphony, with numerous twists and joyous surprises. Their spirituality defines their progress. ''Every time I think about our art or schedule an appointment or make a delivery, I feel a spiritual connection,'' said Jerry. ''Our faith is the foundation of who we are,'' Hanna continued. ''Jerry has the idea that making the spiritual concrete manifests as our work - what we're on earth to do. We don't know the people we make each piece for, but we feel a connection.'' The link is evident in every miraculous piece, where Jerry and Hanna meet the challenges of everyday life and apply their gifts with extraordinary results. Jerry and Hanna live in north central Texas on Lake Texoma. Jerry is a native Texan, and Hanna is originally from the St. Louis area, and has lived in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Oklahoma.

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